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7 Mighty Boosh icons

I hate having to post things through Photobucket. Because I have my own, very pretty domain name, all about me, and not being able to use that pisses me off. It’s because – and I know you’re wondering – we just moved house, and don’t have the internet at home yet. When we do, I can hook up CoreFTP again. I was going to install it here, at work, but I worry about getting caught.

Anyway, I bring you icons from the woooorld of the Miiighty Boosh. Which most of you probably won’t have heard of, but hey. It’s a very funny British comedy show, but it’s exceedingly weird, and you have to be either high or exceedingly weird to appreciate it. I am the latter, and I love it.


Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by


1: Want, take, have. These icons are here to be shared, you don't need to ask if you can take them.
2: Comment if you're taking... please. It makes me happy to see if my icons are popular. It also helps me to see what styles are the most successful so I can keep making them like that.
3: Please credit, preferably in keywords. I work hard on these.
4: NO STEALING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This means no passing these off as your own work. No posting these in 'stolen icons' communities. If I discover any of these have been stolen, I will send the Hitcher after you, and he will slice you up and feed you to his menagerie. And if he is otherwise occupied, I will let the Spirit of Jazz burn you up with his fiery hat of accidental fire.

Ok, more icons with commentary, but it isn’t remotely witty as I’m knackered and hungover. There will be more, maybe after the weekend. I took quite a lot of screencaps the other night.

1 Image hosted by 2Image hosted by

I wish I had some of Naboo’s miracle wax. My hair is nowhere near as cool as his (especially today). *sigh* That icon could have been better, but it was late, and I was rushing. I’m such a critic.

3Image hosted by 4Image hosted by

I think I’m developing a crush on Noel Fielding. This seems wrong, somehow. And yet so right. Anyone who can talk about the internal battles of a biscuit tin for ten minutes deserves a certain amount of admiration. And he does have the best hair in the world.

5Image hosted by 6Image hosted by

I don’t know why Mr. Susan rocks. But he does. He speaks in rhyme. Well, sometimes. (Hey, that rhymed!) And he has mirror balls. And I will probably end up making an icon of his mirror balls. Look at them shine. Look at them shine. Look at them shine. Look at them shine.

6Image hosted by

Odd, and apparently a kangaroo. ‘I’ve lost a lot of weight since then.’

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