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30 Goblet of Fire icons

Yay! I've finally seen Goblet of Fire (twice) and it rawks. It so does.

So, I present you lots of icons ripping the piss out of it.


*g* I nitpick because I love. And I mock because I love. And I make lewd jokes because I love. And I routinely accuse all the Potter boys of being gay because I love.

And I'm sure about half the people on my flist will be saying 'She's back!' because many years ago, when I started this icon journal, I was known for my funny icons. Then I got all serious and arty. Anyway, I'm back with the sick icons and there's a whole new bunch of you I can warp with my sense of humour.


1 - Want, take, have. These icons are here for your viewing pleasure.
2 - Comment if you're taking. I like feedback. It makes me feel like a big strong dynamo.
3 - Credit is required. Since I gave up the opium, it's the only fix I get these days. Seriously. Addicted. Help a junkie out.
4 - NO STEALING. Don't pass them off as your own work. Don't post them in 'stolen icons' communities. DON'T HOTLINK. I work hard on these, and it's just plain mean. And hotlinking actually costs me money, and if I find out, I will replace the icon with something unpleasant. Possibly containing a word containing 'runt'. In fact, if you steal these in any way shape or form I will hunt you down and feed you to Voldemort.

I'm assuming everyone has seen the film by now, but if you haven't, look away now, as there are Voldemort icons in here. And that's the biggest surprise of the film. It rawks.

Screencaps by teh_indy, plus a few promo photos from The Leaky Cauldron.

1 2
3 4

These icons are the only serious ones in this set, so I thought I would put them altogether. Well, the Voldemort ones are serious, too, but they need to be together, and at the end. Um... EW is very cute in #1 with the thinkings. Fleur is blueish and pretty. She annoys the hell out of me, but she doesn't really get to talk in the film, so she just leaves the 'Ah, pretty' feeling with you when you leave. Cedric is dead, and icon #3 is pretty much my favourite in the whole batch, and I'm going to write a tutorial on it in a few minutes. It's so pretty! And Harry looks so scared!

5 6
7 8

#5 is what would happen if someone tried to ban me from ranting about canon being butchered in the films. Mild struggling. And then an outburst of epic proportions. But - gah! It's so annoying! It makes me twitch. Katie Leung is very lovely but Cho irritates the crap out of me. We. Get. It. STOP CRYING!!! And I'm not a H/Hr shipper (partly because I refuse to be any part of a group that call themselves 'Harmonians' - eeeesh) but this scene looks like she's about to inflict some serious bondage on Harry.

11 12

Three hours with previews. THREE HOURS. My bladder hurt. Thus, the icon. There are two, because even though the scene with the lake is the last scene, the trio scene is also last sceneish. And basically as soon as we got to the second task I was dying for the loo. And, hee. 'Up here, Michael. Eyes up here.' Arrested Development pwns. And Daniel is so looking at her breasts!!!

13 14
15 16

13 is a true story. That is exactly what I heard when I saw that scene. So, so gay. And... girth. *snigger* He just has a smug look that just screams... girth. Especially in the Quidditch scene, but I couldn't find a cap of it. It's like, 'Yes, the size of my broom is not incidental, and it is representative of something. And that something is... girth.' It makes me giggle a lot because I'm a pre-pubescent boy. 15 - grrrrr. And 16 - sick, but it looks like that's what she's saying. It does! She's a slut.

17 18
19 20

Oh my god, that scene annoyed me so much. 'Are we ever going to have a normal year?' 'Hahaha, no! I just went through the most traumatic experience of my young life which is going to scar me for life... but I can laugh about it now.' Stooopid. And Ron is Voldemort! Look at them mouths! They're identical! Also, whooooshing dark mark. Ah, animation. I like this.

21 22
23 24

Voldemort, Voldemort. Green and scary. #23 and #24 have diferent text - 'cursed' and 'darkness'. Darkness is obvious, but I thought 'cursed' was interesting because it has multiple meanings - he's cursing others, but he's such a screwed up psycho killer that he has actually cursed his own life. So it's like cursing or cursed. Or something. It makes sense in my head, ok! Oh, and in #21, you can barely tell, but his eyes are red. Because they should be, and I'm a slut for canon.

25 26
27 28

I like the blurry look, but I also liked it without it, so I give you both. But it gives this sort of mad crazy look like he's deteriorating and screaming. Which... he isn't. But anyway. Nice.

29 30

I'm running out of things to say now. Um. Look at that limp wrist. Voldemort holds his wand like a girl. His wand is so narrow he holds it between two fingers, and Harry needs both hands to handle his. Wand. I'm talking about wands.


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