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54 Veronica Mars Icons

Ok! Whew, that coding took a loooooong time. Note to self: Do not post more than 30 icons in one go. 54? Right out. Thank god for Dreamweaver and copy and paste, I say.

Anyway. Veronica Mars! The best show on television at the moment. I love it so. I've been gradually making icons since I started watching it, but for ages they sucked and then suddenly I got the hang of it (the caps have slightly unusual lighting and so need special treatment. It's... well, annoying. But solved now!) and I made a zillion. And I've been meaning to post them for ages but every time I think of it, I go 'Oooh, I should update the text on that one' or 'Oooh, that sucks'. Etc.

Still, they're here now.


1 - Comment if taking. It's only fair! And it makes me look popular.
2 - Credit! It's only fair! Cos, I made these, and I like people to know that, if you use them.
3 - Want! Take! Have! You don't need to ask. Just tell me, bitches.
4 - Don't hotlink! Or I'll tie you to the flagpole in Neptune, set fire to you, and then rip the tape off your private parts while they are aflame. It will hurt.
5 - Don't steal! Or post in Stolen Icons communities! Or claim as your own! It's nasty. And I'll force you to watch a compilation of all of Jackie's scenes. It will hurt.



Ok, so number 1 is spoilery for s2. Which you've probably seen. And if you haven't seen, well... actually, it's not that spoilery. It's more spoilery if you know what it's an image of, and if you don't, I don't think you'll be spoiled. So... never mind. And 2, 3 and 4 are all of the same cap. But I like how outraged she looks. Use it for those posts in which you are outraged! Use them all!


5! 5 is rude! catmint and eirefaerie told me, and I totally wouldn't have gotten it otherwise because I am reserved and British and innocent and British. 7 and 8 are like, this joke that I think is funny and I don't think anyone gets it. But it's like, she looks like one of those superheroes, with a cape, going 'I'm going to get this town straight. There's a new leader here. And it's me. Criminals beware.' *frownfrown* Doesn't she, though? So, yeah, it's the Angry Avenger Stare. Make sense? Probably not....


There's blatantly better text for 9 and 10 but I can't think of it. I wanted an icon to use when I'm up late (hey, like now). And at my laptop! And she is kind of a night owl. Actually, I don't think she sleeps at all. Whacky girl. I really like 11. And 12... well... HER LOVER IS HER BROTHER! Maybe.


Hee. Um... bitchy Veronica is my favourite Veronica. And I'm bitchy, so these icons are great and representative of me. Yup.


Variations. Fun! But I couldn't decide what looked nicest, so you get 'em all. Sad cap. Saaaad. And 20 makes me laff, because they look like they're totally thinking that. I wanted to put 'What are we going to do tonight, Brain?' on it, but there wasn't room. Gah.


Ok, so there are variations on the 'dramatise' one because I made 23, and everyone was like 'I love it! But you spelt it all British!' and I was like 'That's cos we're right. And also, I forgot about you.' And I kicked myself for not saving the .psd file. But then I recreated it, which is what 21 and 22 are, and I think I like that version better. And 24... hee. She's vengeful. Like god. Hey, let's worship her as a false idol!


I think the 'Veronica Mars is smarter than me' line is one of the best. Because it's true. She's awesome. And I really like 27. I made a similar version for a friend as a Christmas present, but I made them not to shaaaare... so I had to make a different version. And, tada. Oh, I like 28 too! It was text that didn't want to work, but then I forced it. And now it is good text.


Hee. Wallace. I need to make more Wallace icons, because I adore him. And I liked Percy's Trendy Hair. The 'zuh' look shows better on a larger image, but still, I think it shows. Hee. Those two are so goofy. And, yeah, evil Veronica icons. Well, she's not evil, she's just... bitchy. I already said that. But it's one of the reasons why I love her soooo!


'These lips? I've had them for years...' Aw, pouty Veronica. Although, not doing Dude Voice. But even so, awww, pouting. And sarcasm. And, oh yeah! 34 is made in a response to a post someone made about me, saying that they'd seen my nasty side... when, in fact, they'd seen me pretending to be nice. Heh. I eeeeebil.


I have a horrifying confession to make. I spelt 'Lilly' wrong on icon 39. I spelt it like Lily. It's odd. But now it is fixed. But I am ashamed at my typo, because I knew how it was spelt and I was just braindead. I love Amanda Seyfried. She's so cute in Mean Girls. I kind of want her murder to be unresolved again so that we can see more of her in flashbacks, because she rocked as Lilly.


I love Logan! Jason Dohring is very attractive and he has the saddest eyes. Like... a puppy. Even when he's just being an arrogant jackass, you can't help but adore him. Plus, belts. *hugs Logan* If he ever gets killed off, I will be very angry.


Um... Logan and Weevil are oh-so-gay. And Weevil is pretty, and was ludicrously easy to colour in those icons. Francis Capra is a gift to the Screen layer.


Gay! Gay! And Keith! And... Gay! I love Keith. I need more Keith icons, too. Um... Gay! Why are all the boys in VM gay?




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