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52 Veronica Mars Icons (s2)

Hey, my peepies. I have Veronica Mars icons for you again. I'm at home with the lurgy today so I decided to use my sick time productively. It's probably not especially normal to be off work with a stinking cold and spend the whole time making 50+ icons, but I'm not especially normal.

I warn you, though, I'm probably not at my wittiest. I am gross and spluttery.

Oh, quick disclaimer - all of these are from s2, up to and including episode 2x13, I thinks. So if you haven't seen that far, you might get spoiled. Not drastically, but a bit.


1 - Comment if taking. It's only fair! And it makes me look popular.
2 - Credit! It's only fair! Cos, I made these, and I like people to know that, if you use them.
3 - Want! Take! Have! You don't need to ask. Just tell me, bitches.
4 - Don't hotlink! Or I'll let Weevil and his bikers run you down with their bikes. And then Weevil's adorable (but evil) niece will stamp on your contorted form.
5 - Don't steal! Or post in Stolen Icons communities! Or claim as your own! It's nasty. And I'll force you to watch Kristin Cavalleri's guest-stint again and again and again and again until your head explodes from teh wooden.

ETA: Whoops. Caps from cap_it - mostly marishna and awakencordy.



Cliff! Actually I kind of feel like I shouldn't start this set with Cliff, because he's awesome and you really need to build up to Cliff and his Cliff-like ways. He's so cool. I love his voice. Did you know he was in the Team America movie? It just gives him the ultimate in cool points. And he's Cliff! Anyway. Hee. I think #3 is kind of amusing because he's all black and white and serious and noir, even though hee doesn't actually look remotely noir and isn't remotely noir and is, to be honest, one of the least noir parts of a noir show that could be. He actually looks more noir in #1. But I like the floppy fringe. And, yay. Keith + Cliff = love.


The only s1 icons in this set - I found it on my hard drive as part of a colouring experiment and figured I should post it. It's a pretty cap and the colouring is nice. And Keithyness. I really love that shot of him and Backup, it's nicely framed. And Backup looks goofy. I bet that dog fricking stinks. He probably has the worst breath in the world. Veronica should have a feisty cat instead. A non-stinky cat. Very frightening.


Ok, these might be my least favourite icons in the set. They're just so... trendy. I made them for a community but huge white blobs are, like, so over now. K-Bell is always teh pretty though.


Alright, on to the ones I'm more enthusiastic about. I love the colouring on the first two. Sure, the second one could also be called trendy, but it still came out nice. (You see how not-witty I am today? All I'm like is, hey, colouring! I rock! I suck! I rock! Blugh.) But anway. I like #13 - KB is far too pretty. How many people look that pretty in profile? I look like such a freak in profile. It's all bug eyes and pointy nose. But KB - perfect. I'd hate her if she wasn't so awesome.

I love Sheriff Lamb. But that icon is a little dull. I still love him, though.


Some Donut Run icons! All of these are from s2 which I will be going back to put outside the cut. But they're not really ordered in episodes because I made them all at different times and the ones I made today are from me just opening a bunch of screencaps into PS and then making the icons gradually (I still have about 30 caps open in PS but I'm not making anymore icons tonight, I'm tired damn you all, you can't turn me into a workhorse you can't!).*breathes* All these are from Donut Run. #17 is probably the only V/D (heh, VD) icon you will see me make as I was never much of a fan. Like the rest of the internets. And, and, #18! TWOP! Shoutout! I don't actually post at TWOP because I get the episodes too late to contribute anything of value to the episodes threads but I read and I love and I was going to go to the TWOP thing in Austin but I was poor and it's £400 and 12 hours to get to Austin and I don't have that kind of money! But TWOP got a shoutout. Yayz. The other two are sad VM, and I love her sad. Plus, I don't know about you, but often I use my icons to reflect how I'm feeling when I'm writing a post, so I like to have a mopey icon and a pouty icon and a happy icon and an OMGUDIEH0R! icon. So, ta-da.


Me, experimenting with bright colours. It's very trendy, but also looks good, so it's allowed to be used. I like how they came out. Plus, snarky hands from VM. And, and, unicorns! Possibly my favourite moment ever! Well,not ever, but  it cracked me up. 'What, dad? Girls love unicorns! Awww...' I always thought it was bizarre that unicorns were so girly and awww, because theyr'e kind of menacing. Theyr're horsies with fucking great impaling devices on their heads. Were I better at drawing (and I'm not bad, but horses are hard) I would draw a scary unicorn and it would be awesome and people would realise that they were foolish to think that unicorns were cute because they're evil. Like Weevil's niece. But we'll get to her later.


Txtspk never stops being funny. And I want them to shag so bad! They have the delightful angst when they're apart but they love each other and bad things are going to happen to Logan unless he HAS SEX WITH VERONICA! ALREADY! JUST DO IT! PLEASE????


Yay, shortarse icon. Veronica is a shortarse, and for that I love her. Also that she draws attention to it, she's like 'Yeah, I'm a midget, so?' I'm a midget. And we rock. And now every time I write about people thinking I am seven years younger than I am, I can use my pretty new shortarse icon. Hurrah! The bonding of shortarses is a beautiful thing.

And Scooby Doo impressions never get old. Except on the actual show, which turned into teh suck. I'm sure it used to be scary...


Aw. Aww. AWW! I love Wallace and Veronica so, so, so much! They're the kind of couple that shipping them would just be an insult because they're so damn adorable and right as friends. That's why, friendcrush. I have a friendcrush on the pair of them, as friends. They're lovely together. Wallace is all the best bits of Willow and Xander put together. Plus he's full of pimp juice. And this scene made me cry a little bit. From the happy. I think one of the worst bits of news I could ever get would be to find out that Percy and Kristen hated each other. I'd feel so robbed. Because they  need to adore each other because everything about this show is real, damnit! Don't look at me like that!


Weevil's niece? Eeeevil. So evil. She's like a mini-biker-super-villain. And she's cute! And looks good in pink! Check out her btchplz face! It's adorable! And Weevil totally taught her everything she knows, cos, look.

Also, trampy V. Hee. Read on...


...trampy V! This was such a classic moment. Kristen does bimbo so well, especially when you know she's really not a bimbo, she's super intelligent and awesome.

Do you think I have to give Paris Hilton money for using her catchphrase?

#40 is a pun. Hee.


I can't stop myself from loving the Casablanca boys. Well, Beaver is obvious because he's lovely and Kyle Gallner does the best sad puppy-dog eyes ever and looks really good in eyeliner and I don't think we should judge him for wearing eyeliner because Brandon Flowers wears eyeliner and looks pretty and awesome in it. And look at #43! See how crazy and edgy I am?  It's not 100x100! Madness!

I think I just love Dick because he's such a dick. And hilarious.


In which I just let my captioning mind go crazy. At first it was just going to be all 'Look at the cool framing!' And then I started thinking about how private detectives are kind of creepy and so I decided to tell you all about it. It's true.



Community to watch: graphics_school. Want to learn how to make icons utterly from scratch? Watch this community.

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