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26 The Mighty Boosh Icons

Hello! Welcome. As per requested, I bring you another bunch of icons from The Mighty Boosh (my last batch can be found here).

Man, I love this show. I saw the live show on Saturday - the last night - and it just made me adore it even more. And I was sitting on the front row. Just thought I'd throw that in there. It was amazing. It made me need to make icons. So these, right here? Medicinal. :)

Also, Matt Berry showed up! Squee! I have a deep and sensss-ual love for that man, so you will find a lot of Dixon Bainbridge icons in this lot. I can't quite explain why I love him so. I just do. That voice. Yum. Plus, you've got to love the steely afro. Like a brillo pad.




1: Want, take, have. These icons are here to be shared, you don't need to ask if you can take them.
2: Comment if you're taking... please. It makes me happy to see if my icons are popular. It also helps me to see what styles are the most successful so I can keep making them like that.
3: Please credit, preferably in keywords. I work hard on these.
4: NO STEALING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This means no passing these off as your own work. No posting these in 'stolen icons' communities. If I discover any of these have been stolen, I will force you to listen to Howard Moon's jazz classics until your ears implode.

1 2
3 4

I'm going through this insane textless phase at the moment - I think it's because I like to work on making the image look good, and with something as epic and awesome as the Boosh, once the guys are stuck on screen, you don't need to do much else. They just exude funny. So, a lot of these will be textless.

Text on #4 reads 'eeebil' (i.e. 'evil'). Just 'cause.

5 6
7 8

I was trying to make lots of Howard icons, because I do love Howard, even if he is a bit of an idiot with tinytiny eyes like a crab, but I think a lot of LJ icons are of Vince, and Howard deserves some of the glory. Plus, balloons. What's not to love about Howard surrounded by balloons. Also, I love the face in #5, but it reminds me of that 'Mummy Chubby, Daddy Chubby, Baby Chubby' rhyme we used to recite at school.

9 10
11 12

13 14
15 16

I'm Old Gregg! The only s2 icon (or icons, but they're all from one screencap) in this lot - I was actually trying to work my way through my s1 DVDs first, but I wanted an Old Gregg icon, so here one is.

You can't capture the beauty of the vibrating palm in icon form. It just can't be done.

17 18
19 20

And Vincey worms his way in. I love how 17 came out, not to toot my own horn (which, actually, is something I love to do). But those colours are just so vibrant. Look at his hair! Look how pretty that is! *sigh* I love Noel Fielding. Pretty much all the guys in this show have varying places in my List o' Lust. Not so much Rich. But even him, a tiny bit. Noel and Matt are top-ranking, though.

21 22
23 24

Hee! I love this scene! If I have the patience, I'll animate it one day, because his facial expressions are pointless. 'I don't want to see it live!' And random textless versions. See, even when I add the text, I think the textless ones work better, so you get a choice. I'm so damn generous.

25 26

I'm not witty tonight. Here are the last two icons. Kangaroos and pointing. The man gives good point. :)

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