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25 VM Icons (s1/s2)



1 - Comment if taking. It's only fair! And it makes me look popular.
2 - Credit! It's only fair! Cos, I made these, and I like people to know that, if you use them.
3 - Want! Take! Have! You don't need to ask. Just tell me, bitches.
4 - Don't hotlink! Don't steal! Or post in Stolen Icons communities! Or claim as your own! It's nasty. If you do, I'll have no choice but to cut off all your fingers with a pair of wirecutters. You hear me? NO. CHOICE.

'lo. It's me again. I haven't been making many icons lately, and I feel kind of bad that these are more VM ones, as I've been neglecting my other fandoms like woah lately. I actually do keep getting the craving to make HP icons, but I have to go through and screencap GoF, and I can't be arsed. Also, life stuff has been keeping me busy, and icons have kind of taken a back seat. Which is a shame. But luckily, I felt the need for new icons, so you all get them too! If you want them, obviously.

The first 9 of these are from s1, and are Veronica and Lilly-centric. I wanted Lilly icons, mainly. The rest are from s2, mostly the latter part, and some are from the finale. Which I'm assuming everyone has seen by now, but the only thing they spoil is that Veronica graduates. Shocking! Anyway. Clickity.

Oh! Caps by marishna.


Ok, so, commentary. Icon #1 is a remake of an icon I made a while ago - I wanted the colours to look sharper and more distinct, which I think I managed. I also really like the simplicity of icon #2 - I don't think I've seen that scene iconed before (even though it probably has been, and I'm just unobservant). I also really like icons that show a scene from something that, to someone who is a fan, is instantly recognisable, and holds a lot of symbolism. But to someone who hasn't seen VM, they wouldn't know what the scene was about. Does that make sense? Anyway, that's the point of that icon. Um... 4 came out greener than I wanted, but I love the colouring on 3. I totally heart Amanda Seyfried. She's sooo pretty, and I honestly wish that everyone else would get off the screen on Big Love and let it just be about her, because she's amazing. She needs her own show.


And! I read on imdb that apparently Kristen Bell and Amanda Seyfried are friends in real life! Someone spotted them having coffee together, deep in conversation! Which makes me happy, as I love hearing that friends on tv shows are friends in real life. Anyway. There are two prom icons of them. Very... pink. #7 is another one of those icons that carries meaning, even though it's just an image. I like that it shows her looking thoughtful in the bathroom, which is like her office in s1 and s2. I thought it was cool. Um... 8 is me playing with colours - the original scene of this is very desaturated and I was trying to restore brighter colours to it, and I really like how it came out. And 9... well, 9 is awesome, because it's total foreshadowing. And I'm not being all, 'I am awesome!' but again, it's just a cap that I improved the picture quality of and cropped, and in fact it's quite an innocent scene, but it totally looks like Veronica is freaked out and OMG Aaron is behind her! Um. Y'know? Anyway, I was pleased when I found that cap.


I love bed. End of.

I also wanted an emo icon because I was very emo earlier this month (don't ask. Stupid boys.) and I had no way of representing that. And 13 is just nice. I really want the thermal she's wearing in this episode.


Hee. TWoP shoutout. Couch Baron has this whole thing about awk-ward! and un-comfortable! and her face is totally saying that here. Heh. Also, I love 17. Which is me attempting to be kind of meaningful, because the text says 'Living dead girl' and underneath, the tiny text says 'Thrice tried, thrice denied', because Veronica has nearly died three times throughout the two seasons (in both finales, and also she narrowly escaped being on the bus at the start of s2) and then this is also from her dreams about dead people... I thought it was all cool and thematic, and I'm an enormous geek, shut up.


18/19 was from a header I started making, and then never finished, but I shrunk it and stuck it on an icon. I like it, but you lose a lot of it in the smaller form. I really should try and finish that header. And 20/21 is just cute.


For the record, 'graduate' is, like, describing her, it's not like 'she did graduate, she did', it is, 'she is a graduate!' If that makes sense. I bawled my eyes out in this entire bit. I bet Joss Whedon phoned Rob Thomas afterwards and was like 'You did the whole bit where the school shows her how much they love her even though she thinks they hate her! I did that in The Prom! It's awesome! You will have made everyone cry!' Honestly, when I was going through the screencaps of this scene, I started tearing up. Also in the dream sequence scene, because, oh! What could have been! Aaron Echolls, you bee-stard.

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