Icons from a Wasted Fairy

she will not sleep until everything is 100x100

Sarah (the original wasted fairy)
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w e l c o m e s + a r e + w a s t e d

Welcome to my icon journal! Or, the userinfo of my icon journal. This part here, isn't my actual icon journal. You have to click on the little fairy_icon link to get there. And then you will be there.
w h a t + t h e + p o t a t o e s ?

Icons are 100x100 squares of Pretty. I spend a ridonkulous amount of time making them, and then, when I'm done, I stick them on here for other people to take and love and look after until they get sick of them and then they flush them down the toilet and get new ones but lie to the kids about it. Much like the goldfish my illegitimate child has now forgotten he had. It works.
s o + m e e k + a n d + u n a s s u m i n g

I make all the graphics in here - the icons, the header, this userinfo. All me. It's quite, quite, quite shocking, really. Except there are 50,000 more of these communities and journals all over Livejournal, so I'm not really that special. But wait! My journal has something more!
s i l e n c e + i s n ' t + a n + o p t i o n

You know how when you watch a great film and then you're like 'I want to hear why Jennifer Garner grabbed her breasts in that scene!' and then you listen to the commentary and all you hear is the probably gay director talking about her fabulous Pucci eyemask and no I haven't seen 13 Going on 30 seven times who have you been talking to? Anyway, my icons have a commentary. I did it once, and people told me I was funny, and unfortunately for people who don't think I'm funny or witty or in the slightest bit amusing, which, to be fair, is probably most people, the few people who did tell me I was amusing encouraged me, and now I post commentaries with every icon, and in that way, I am unique and special, but not Speshul. Well, maybe a bit.
d o + a s + i + s a y

  • Want, take, have. Don't comment saying 'Is it ok if I take number #17?' Because, yeah. That's why they're here.

  • Leave a comment, and let me know what you're talking. I like to know what icons are popular. I also like comments because when I look at them all lined up they give me a happy feeling.

  • Don't hotlink - please save to your own server, or Livejournal.

  • Credit, please! I work hard on these, and it's only fair.

  • Don't steal. Don't post these in 'Stolen Icons' communities. Don't pass these off as your own work. If you do, I will hunt you down and scoop out your kidneys using a melon baller. And if you're still alive then, well, I'll... shoot you.

t h i s + d o u b l e + l i f e

My regular journal is wastedfairy , but I'm pretty much not friending anyone back these days, unless I've spoken to them elsewhere and bonded with them, or if I think I stand to gain something by friending them. Wait, did I say that? No. So, only friend me if you're wealthy and generous. I accept Paypal. Um, also, I have over 100 friends and that's kind of a lot, as I do try to read all their posts. So I'm choosy.
m y + c o m m u n i t i e s
i c o n + c o n t e s t s
r e s o u r c e s
d i s c l a i m e r

I'm honestly not as obnoxious and full of it as I appear to be. It's a defence mechanism. And people foolishly tell me that it's cute, and I'm nothing if not easily encouraged. And also, freaking amazing. I regularly tell people how adorable and witty I am.
n a v i g a t e
n a v i g a t e

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